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February: Charity Dinner!
January: New volunteer Joely
March 2012: Ayesha fundraiserFebruary 2012: Awareness dinnerJanuary 2012: First activities.

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anna and silvia at the charity dinner 2014

February 2014: Charity Dinner and more news..

Great start of the year for Karama UK. We inaugurated the 2014 with a charity dinner on 26th January. The dinner was held in a Greek Restaurant in Baker Street in London and a lot of people turned out. The dinner was in help of the rooftop gardens project and it was a success. It was a great evening not only on the fundraising side, but mainly because more people got to know about Karama and a new volunteer was keen to join us. The food was also great and people at the restaurant have been lovely. Thank you very much to everyone for making such a lovely evening.

Other good news is that recently two new volunteers have joined Karama UK, Phoebe and Joely and probably another one will join us soon. They are going to help us in raising awareness about Karama and organizing events. A big thank you to you girls!

Another massive thank you to Mr Felafel who has helped us selling Palestinian soap in his restaurant. We are very grateful to his loyal support. Keeping sharing good news, a friend of ours, Guillelme has offered to improve Karama website. This is music to our ears and we accepted with pleasure. Thanks a lot Guillerme.
Finally we got in touch again with Ayshe School in North London and the teacher is more than happy to organize another talk about Karama, followed by a fundraising lunch in the school. Date to be confirmed yet but we are liaising with the school to arrange that.

We hope that this is only the beginning of a very fruitful year of activities for Karama UK ad we are very grateful for the help we received from everyone. For more information about Karama UK and Karama Palestine please visit us at www.karama.org or contact us at info.uk@karama.

Once again a thank you very much to all our friends and supporters for your wonderful help!! Silvia & Anna

cake sale with karama uk

January 2014

New volunteers have joined Karama UK's efforts to raise awareness and funds. Joely will introduce herself here and we look forward to a succesfull time together!

I’m Joely and am thrilled to be volunteering with Karama UK. I became interested in Palestine when I spent my year abroad there to study Arabic. I love the country and most of all the people, who are some of the most welcoming people I have ever met, in spite of the injustices and hardships that they face on a daily basis as a result of the occupation.

I volunteered with a social development centre and a women’s centre in Nablus, during my stay, and so when I returned to the UK, I was keen to find a way in which I could continue to help Palestinians even though I was no longer in Palestine.

I found Karama UK online and have seen how hard Anna and Silvia work to keep the branch going. Hopefully I can be of some use this year in taking the organisation closer to its goal of becoming a registered charity. I’ve already been able to use my Arabic skills to assist in translation and am looking forward to this month’s charity dinner!

March 2012

Find here some pictures from our recent meeting in the Ayesha school!

Last February Karama UK launched the campaign 1, 100,100,000 books for Karama. The aim of this campaign is to establish a network among Arabic schools in London to collect books in Arabic to support Karama Palestine to implement a  library in their premises.

So far we got a very positive response from Ayesha Community School in London who donated us a lot of children books. In addition they got very passionate about the work that Karama does and they have decided to organize some fundraising events to be hold later on in the spring.

An exchange of correspondence has also started between the pupils of the Ayesha school and the pupils of Karama. Anna recently went to Palestine and she delivered them the letters and she brought back some for the Ayesha schools kids. These letters are full of messages of love and we hope that’s the beginning of a long lasting friendship.

Saturday 31st March Karama UK held a Jumble sale at the Putney Library. It was a success and thank you very much to everyone who donated stuff to sell and to all our friends and people who attended the event.

Forthcoming event: Karama UK will take part to the Gazan Children Supporting Summer Games in Gaza organized by the UNRWA,  and we are going to organize a Thai Chi lesson in Wandsworth park on the 14th April, benefiting the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestinian refugees. For more info  please visit the website : http://www.unrwa.org/etemplate.php?id=1015.

Anna from Karama UK in our center!

February 2012.

On 26.01.12 Karama UK held his first London event, organizing a dinner in a Palestinian restaurant, Maramia Cafè in Westbourne Park.

Spending a lovely night among friends and good food we have raised awareness about Karama Palestine and the commitment of Karama UK in supporting their project.

We prepared leaflets about us and about the Deheishe Refugee camp allowing people to know more about the topic. We also had a raffle with prizes kindly donated by our friends.

It has been a great night spending time with friends, knowing new ones while promoting the activity of Karama UK and Karama Palestine. The restaurant was open to people so we had the opportunity to be asked about what it was all about. Great chance to spread the word about us!

A big thank you to everybody who attended the dinner helping to raise over £ 400.00 for Karama’s projects. A special thanks also to Cristina and other friends who helped us in organizing the event and preparing promotional material.

January 2012.

On 5th December Karama UK organised the sale of olive oil soap among staff from a famous London museum. During her last trip in Palestine Anna brought traditional olive oil soaps produced in Nablus to sell among friends and colleagues, to raise money for Karama.

Anna arranged a mini stand within the staff room and throughout the day the gift and bookshop staff had the possibility to buy soaps and posters of Palestine and the opportunity to ask information about Karama and its activities. It was a great occasion to raise awareness among friends about Karama and the situation in the refugee camps and to talk about the new born Karama UK and its future plans.

People were nicely surprised and interested to see pictures of Palestine, incenses, perfumes and  soaps.

Tahani, the assistant manager, offered to explain people the characteristics of the soap and why it is so good for the skin, how it is made and where.

The soap has been sold also to our friends outside the museum, awakening memories and emotions among Palestinian people living in London; our friend Bashir touching and smelling the soap could sense his home land and hardly chock back tears.

The soap sold out, raising over £100. People keep asking to buy more so that we have asked our partner Karama Palestine to send us more soap. But what is most important is this was a lovely day having the possibility to talk to friends about Karama and future activities of Karama UK.