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Volunteer in Palestine!

Come to Deheishe and help us put a smile on our children's faces! Volunteers from all over the world are most welcome and needed to work with us at Karama.

Since Karama opened in 2002 we have received many volunteers from all over the world and from a variety of cultural backgrounds. There are many ways that volunteers can participate at Karama: Give English lessons; share your computer skills, musical or artistic talents; or create activities around themes like human rights that are important for the development of our children. Volunteers are also needed to contribute to updating our social media and fundraising activities. Volunteers in Palestine will be introduced in our local community to learn about our experiences and stories first hand see the world through our eyes.


Volunteers are needed and welcome …

We are open to hearing your suggestions for alternative ways that you, as a volunteer, may be interested in working with and educating our children.  Please feel free to send us your ideas via email at

Volunteers are welcome to stay for short or long periods. You will be happily accommodated in Deheishe, either by one of our many warm and friendly host families or in a shared flat near the Karama Center in the camp. Delicious meals will be included, as well as access to water and electricity. Lessons in Arabic can be arranged for those interested, and we encourage them for volunteers who are planning to stay for prolonged periods of time. Information regarding shared costs will be sent to you once we have received your application.

If you are interested to volunteer, please complete our online application form and click submit at the bottom. Please add to your address book to avoid our e-mails landing in your junkmail folder.

Fill in your application form here to volunteer in Palestine!

A kind reminder: all volunteers who have been accepted should call the director Yasser a few days before they arrive.

Yasser Al-Haj
+972 - 599 - 033 021

Read what past volunteers experienced while staying with Karama in Palestine.

We invite you to volunteer in Palestine and spend a summer, 2 weeks or 6 months with us in a Palestinian refugee camp!
Karama team will help you in all the preparation, but first start the review process by filling in the application form. After being accepted, a Guidebook will be send with lots of information about staying in Palestine, living in a refugee camp, volunteering with Karama and getting to us. You can reach us during your preparation time at with any questions. Get an impression of what other volunteers in Palestine have done by browsing through our website, checking our pictures and Facebook page or ask us your questions directly.

We welcome you to Palestine!