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News from our green roofs!


Naila started planting on her roof! 

Naila is one of the women who benefits from the rooftop garden project and just started to plant the tubes now on her roof.

She has 9 people depending on the meals she prepares, which means she will soon be able to upgrade their diet with fresh vegetables from her own production. 


Building a new set of rooftop gardens

After a difficult winter with stormy weather and damage to our project, a new phase started with your support and a generous donation from Lush, currently enableling us to prepare another 9 gardens. 

This last winter brought us many unexpected things; a heavy blizzard but little rain, great damage to all gardens but also overwelming support from our community and a continuation of our partnership with Lush. Though these last things are very positive for our rooftop garden project and the new participants, the little rain and the problems with the UNRWA make many Palestinian refugees cautious about the coming months... The harvest is expected to be less this year because of the little rain and food prices are very likely to rise. Meanwhile the shrinking budget of UNRWA leads to fears of further cuts in services and less families that will be able to count on food assistance from the agency. This takes place while research has shown more refugee families are getting more and more food INsecure!

Karama continues to look for solutions that raise our community to more self support and independence and less relience on food aid from outside. That is why it remains crucial to bring back agriculture into the lives of the refugees. With your help this is possible and currently we are on the brick of including more women in our project. Lush Charity Pot UK has pledged new funds to include another 9 women in this initiative. Soon they will be climbing on their roofs, watering their plants and seeing their harvest grow! 

But before this is possible, Yasser has made sure the new constructions will fit our needs and will offer enough protection and opportunities, while remaining small and light enough for the women's roofs. Also the trainer has been selected who will assist in the delivery of the materials and will guide the women during the first months. As soon as all the participants are selected they will hold their first meeting together - that will be followed by many more to be a central tool in their empowerment!

karama building gardens karama yasser building rooftop gardens

Lush extends their support of our food security program!

Karama was very pleased to receive the news that our partner Lush has decided to continue funding our rooftop garden project for another year! Through this partnership another 8 women will be included in the project. After the winter, the upcoming spring is the perfect time to start building the gardens and improve the lives of these women and their families. Yasser started to source all the needed materials with local suppliers so we can give the families the most efficient garden so far! We have taking note of all the lessons learned during the previous projects, so we are very keen to apply these.

rooftop gardens grwoth
Soon the women will be selected and have their first meeting together. We hope this project will not only grow a great harvest but also the self-esteem of the participants.. Gardening will positively impact both their physical and emotional well-being!  

So if you have a Lush store in your city - selling those delicious, natural, hand-made soapy products - why not show them some love and thank them for their great charity program?:) 



Our gardens thrive this fall!  

garden november 2013

November 2013: With your support and the work of our local volunteers both our rooftop micro farms and the garden outside are in full growth at the moment! Downstairs, the garden has been planted with a wide variety of vegetables and a stone path was made. Click on a picture to open our ablum and see the pictures that show the beautiful progress over the last weeks..    yasser working in the green house

On the roofs inDeheishe, morework was done to transform the rooftop garden and better protect the plants during this coming winter. The first cucumbers and lettuce could already be consumed from the greenhouses, while tomatoes, green beans and peppers and growing steadily. The greenhouses clearly keep the warmth inside and create a great environment for the plants to grow faster and higher.