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Jacob and Sindre joining our team!

February 2014: It is great to welcome several new volunteers in our center - who are all doing a great job in providing activities for the children of Deheishe. Though not an easy time to start their volunteering time - because of the strike - Jacob from the UK and Sindre from Norway are giving their positive energy to make Karama a great place to be in.  Jacob is already a frequent blogger on his own website and will now also share some of his insights in our newsletter. 

Hi, my name is Jacob and I’m from England.

I wanted a chance to travel to Palestine before starting University in September, in order to witness life in a refugee camp at first hand.  I arrived at Karama at the beginning of January – a month which in theory should be the heart of winter but in fact has been very sunny. It was my first time in the Middle East and already my experiences have introduced me both to the wonderful Palestinian culture­ and to dozens of children who visit Karama from day to day. This is a very special place where kids are protected from the adult world around them. Karama nurtures a unique two-way relationship between the international volunteers and the children; while I hope I am enriching their lives in some small way, it is me in the end who is learning more. This applies to everything, from guitar skills to Arabic language.

jacob and sindre volunteer in karama

Due to the UNRWA strikes, Karama have been hosting 1st grade morning classes. I came here hoping to improve my Arabic and these basic lessons, perfectly suited for my level, have been extremely useful; Palestine’s loss has been my gain, it seems. In the afternoon I often do English reading and guitar sessions, both at varying levels due to the range of ages at Karama. I spend some of the morning outdoors in Karama’s small vegetable patch. There is also a greenhouse on the roof, part of the women’s project and the latest development at Karama. It is a wonderful initiative and a very effective movement towards sustainable living.


New volunteers in Deheishe and London.

January 2014: Both in Deheishe and in the UK we are very pleased new volunteers are sharing their energy with Karama! Laila and Jacob have joined us in Deheishe while Joely joined Karama UK as a volunteer last month to help with fundraising and administration. She studies Politics and Arabic at the University of London and has recently returned from a year in Palestine. Her experience of working with charities and her love of Palestine will for sure contribute to Karama UK’s progress this year!

Laila honoured our organization with her stay during this winter, which was her first time in Palestine. She tutored the children in French and though the levels of the kids differed greatly, all of them really enjoyed her lessons. With her help the English adult books in the library were correctly registered so we can better use the wealth of information present there. Both her host family and the children in Karama really enjoyed her presence and we are thankful for all her efforts!