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Cultural Exchange

Karama's vision is to expand knowledge and understanding in all aspects of life. Because of the occupation, it is often not possible for children from Deheishe to see the world through another perspective than their own. At Karama they can expand their horizon by engaging with other cultures.

denmarkDenmark Summercamp

Our main cultural exchange project is the annual trip to Denmark. Every year a group of about 10 teenagers participate in the summercamp there. They are held responsible to represent Palestine well. The preparation for these trips usually lasts months in which we select the children according to their engagement and responsibility in Karama as well as their potential for future leadership.

The teenagers always prepare something to show the public in Denmark. Usually they learn the traditional Dabka dance, and they prepare speeches about their life under occupation.

Our Denmark trips are generously supported by our partners in Denmark. A big thank you from us!

Read about the 2010 trip here.

Cultural Workshops

Our international volunteers often prepare lectures about their home country. The children see pictures and hear about the traditions, customs and food of the respective country. Although our children are physically trapped in the West Bank, and live under occupation under the wall, they at least can hear and feel about other countries in the world.

georgie volunteer laila teaching paladia volunteer