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Education and Skills

Karama strives to provide a better educational environment in Deheishe Camp. We run educational workshops and classes to develop the children's skills and prepare them for a better future.

englishlanguageEnglish language

Karama educational projects stress English to establish and develop the pupils' skills. Our international volunteers give English lessons several days a week. This encourages the children to improve their abilities with the volunteer’s assistance, and they have the chance to practice their skills with a native speaker. The courses cover vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading practices and are designed to learn the language in a playful and fun way. The courses run from basic level to advanced and are offered for women as well.

Remedial Courses Projects

University students and international volunteers help younger students in maths and technology classes.

We also run large-scale educational projects in partnership with UNRWA and the local schools. In these projects, we organize remedial courses for the weakest students as well as psychosocial support to the families. Find out more about our 2010 Advancement Project here.

Theme weeks

laila teaching frenchEvery week, we organize our activities and workshops with the children around a central theme. Our arts and crafts workshops, as well as the educational activities, like the English lessons, are based on this theme. For example, in July 2011 our international volunteers organized a geography week. During this week, every volunteer gave a presentation about his/her country, a map of the world was drawn on our garden wall and the children painted flags from countries all over the world next to the worldmap. These theme weeks enable the children to discover new things and develop their knowledge, both by learning and by engaging in fun and creative activities.


Over the years Karama has been expanding its library facility, to offer a world of wonderful stories for the children. Both English and Arabic books are featured in the cosy room, and even some French.. From colorfull starters to study books about IT, they are all part of this great place! The children can come here on fixed hours to sit quietly and read, or take home books through our lending system. Especially for the library Karama has developed library cards, to make sure kids are encourage to take out books.. and bring them back!

There are also regular activities organized in this room that specifically focus on improve the childrens reading skills. International volunteers organize reading clubs, English games and writing classes. Our recent expansion in 2014 has been made possible with the help of two Canadian volunteers, for which we are very grateful!

rawan library library cards

Leadership skills

Karama has its own youth government. Children hold annual elections to select their representatives who decide on the activities and the programme Karama is running. All internal conflicts are solved between the children with mock trials taking place regularly. We encourage self-reliance and responsibility and all our activities are supervised by one of the older Karama children. Finally, six out of seven board members are young people below 23.

We also run workshops on democracy, rights and leadership with the children. Here they engage with their own perspective and other people's perspectives on life and get empowered to take decisions for themselves.

Excursions and Summercamps

summercampOne of the worst effects of the occupation is that the Palestinian's freedom of movement is restricted severely. Karama regularly organizes trips, whenever circumstances permits, to the greater surroundings of the camp in order to familiarize them with the country they live in as well as to meet their need for movement. Trips in the past included excursions to the swimming pools in Jericho, Artass, Solomon's Pools and other places around the country.

Every year we also run summercamps for between 60 and 150 children. These summercamps are educational fun with games, day trips and entertainment. The children attend workshops about different topics of their choice. We also have themed days, so that the children learn something new without even noticing. On the day trips to sites in the area the children learn about their heritage and history, and we give lessons in environmental awareness.

Our summercamps are organized and run by our Palestinian volunteers - who often were participants of the summercamps just a few years ago.

Read about past summercamps here.

Computer courses

Karama helps children to learn basic and advanced computer skills: