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Fostering Creativity and Self-Expression

Creative Workshops

creative workshopsKarama children love to express themselves and make handicrafts. Our local and international volunteers run regular workshops in which children learn new skills and discover their creativity.

The children get to dive into the world of paper, glitter, gems and colour. They get a feeling of how to work with their hands. They learn how to work by themselves and with others and thus enhance their social skills.

Examples of creative workshops include:

Dabka Dance

A group of our Karama - Kids has formed to learn and practice the traditional Arabic Dabka dance. Several times a week both boys and girls meet in the centre to be taught and lead by one boy out of the group. While they practice many of the other Karama children watch them, impressed by the dancing and enjoying listening to the Arabic music.

Theatre Workshops

The Karama kids love our theatre workshops. Led by our local and international volunteers, the children discover new possibilities to express themselves and how to create scenes and pictures. Their abstract and creative thinking are a key part of the lessons as well as their ability to improvise.

Frequently the plays are written by the children themselves, allowing them to handle and find solutions to their real-life problems as well as escape into fantasy worlds.

Music workshops

Every day, the Karama children enjoy a music workshop with our international volunteers. They learn how to play an instrument - the guitar, drums or recorder - and they develop their sense of rythme. Moreover, the workshop contributes to developing their self-confidence and to letting them discover their musical talents!

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Outside activitiesgreen grass field

Physical activities are crucial for the childrens' development, especially in a stressful environment like the Palestinian refugee camps. With limited space available though, playing outside can become a dangerous activities. Karama center offers two playgrounds, of which one recently was restorated in the summer of 2013. The largest back yard used to be of concrete, with low walls - leading sometimes to lost balls and a scrape on the knee. With the generous donation from abroad, Karama was able to update the center's largest field, higher the walls and create a green grass field. This first grass field of Deheishe can now be used for a wide variety of games and offers a safe and welcoming space for all our visitors.

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