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Karama Photo Albums

Many activities in Karama over the years left us with beautiful pictures of our participants and volunteers.

Check out the games, crafts and summer camps that were organized by Karama through our online photo albums.

Album: Winter activities 2013-2014

Album: After the December 2013 winter storm, our rooftop gardens are being rebuild.

Album: In the fall of 2013, Karama was able to update the rooftop gardens into greenhouses leading to an impressive growth on the roofs of the participants.

Album: During a two month strike of UNRWA staff, the camp schools were closed and Karama provided emergency classes in its building.

Album: Activities in the restored back yard in the summer of 2013

Album: Activities in Karama in 2010.

Album: Karama Archive: activities from our first years.

Album: Karama Archive: scans from photos of our first activities.

Album: Photoproject 2003: give a camera to children for a day and witness their daily lives as a result.


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