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News about ongoing improvement of our center in Deheishe


New partnership with Humanium!

December 2013: Karama is very excited to announce a new partnership established this week! Humanium is an European NGO protecting the rights of the most vulnerable children all over the world. Now Karama and Humanium have joined forces to improve our facilities for the children of Deheishe. Our first project will aim to create more sport tools in our new play area, among them the construction of a basketball area and a volleyball net. This will help our kids to enjoy the benefits of more active games and team sports – which is crucial for their emotional and physical development in this tough environment. logo humanium karama


Read more about Humanium
on their website.


The back yard has been used for a wide variety of games in the past month, engaging the children in physical activities and group games.

activities outside karama backyard jamila outside games backyard karama


Our gardens thrive this fall!  

garden november 2013

November 2013: With your support and the work of our local volunteers both our rooftop micro farms and the garden outside are in full growth at the moment! Downstairs, the garden has been planted with a wide variety of vegetables and a stone path was made. Click on a picture to open our ablum and see the pictures that show the beautiful progress over the last weeks..   

yasser working in the green house

On the roofs in Deheishe, more work was done to transform the rooftop garden and better protect the plants during this coming winter. The first cucumbers and lettuce could already be consumed from the greenhouses, while tomatoes, green beans and peppers and growing steadily. The greenhouses clearly keep the warmth inside and create a great environment for the plants to grow faster and higher. 


Canadian fundraising efforts!

karama library cardsThe facilities of our library are soon to be enlarged as two previous volunteers from Canada have been able to raise funds in their home country! Emma and Holly joined Karama in 2012 and greatly supported Karama's library during their stay. Back home they continued to be supportive of Karama, which resulted also in the collection of funds. With this generous donation we will be able to purchase more books, as well as hire a local volunteer to take regular care of the library system. In this way more children will be allowed to take books out and we hope to soon welcome the women of our community as well to use our selection of adult books! 

Karama's efforts to provide these educational facilities are now more needed then ever. The school teachers in Palestine started an open-ended strike this week - because of their discontentment with the working conditions and unfulfilled promises by the government. This means the children do not have any classes at the moment and the volunteers at Karama are doing their best to fill this gap! The strike signals again the dire status of what is so much needed in our society: education that empowers the young generation.
Thank you for helping Karama  be a safe and meaningful place for the Palestinian youth! 


News from the Karama Center - Summer 2013

Building our center... The last months saw a lost of unusual activity in the Karama center... Breaking walls, digging holes, mixing cement, moving trees - the kids in Karama saw a lot of strange things happening in our backyard!

But it was about time to restore the playground at the back of our building. Sadly the floor was broken and the area was in need of a full restoration project! After months of searching for funds, Karama could finally start to make the area safe and attractive again for sports and group activities. We raised the height of the surrounding walls, renewed the water waste system and levelled the floor. This all took a lot of energy and efforts, but the end result is superb!

karama summer camps karama camps khirbet zakaria

The ground was covered with a grass mat which will increase the safety of this area greatly! No bruises or bleeding knees anymore, the kids can run and drop as much as they want. The area now offers a lot more space for activities. We can not wait to use the area for a bunch of new games and sports! 

karama special summer camps


Click here to see more of the construction process and the end result!