Youth project 2006

Since January 2006 Karama has been running Teenage Stage Workshops. These are direction and advice workshops held by psychologist Sharly Zidan. They address the changes in the lives of adolescents and raise awareness in families of various problems that can arise when teenagers are growing up.

This workshop helps the teenagers and adults to meet twice a month, to discuss the many changes and the possible effects of these changes, that influence them mentally, socially and emotionally during this period of their life. After having discussions about various topics concerning them, they will be divided into small groups. Each group will discuss the issues that were most urgent in that specific group. Then each person, individually, writes about thoughts and issues they feel need to be dealt with or discussed more. This gives each person the opportunity to reflect on a deeper level of how they function and how to express their feelings in words. Again, the aim is to work with communication and to build understanding and respect for the feelings and integrity of the adolescent as well as adults.

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