Mosaic project 2003 & 2009

In August 2003 the Italian mosaic artist Carolina Zanelli together with Karama children created a mosaic decorating a wall in the kitchen. The mosaic consisted of broken tiles, stones, old CDs and the like. Unfortunately, as Karama changed its location in 2009, we had to leave the mosaic behind...

As we couldn't let this happen just like that, Karama's local and international volunteers began a new mosaic project in October 2009. This time it didn't take place in our kitchen, but at the United Nations Girls' School.

The motivation for the project was to provide the students with a new activity to enliven their optional Saturday school day, that would culminate in a finished piece of artwork to which all of them had contributed. On a Saturday morning, each grade came to work on the mosaic during their recess break. All of the girls, from the fourth to the ninth grade, seemed intrigued by the project. Many of them were avidly gluing the tiles down to fill in the letters and carefully choosing how to orient them, while others preferred breaking the tile into appropriately sized pieces. By the end of the first day, the letters were mostly completed, if not entirely legible. Throughout the next two days, Karama's local volunteers, led by Ghassan Abu-Ajamia and assisted by several international volunteers, filled in the remaining background tiles and neatened up the words. By the end of the fourth day, the mosaic had been cut into pieces and reassembled on the wall that surrounds the girls' school. The following day the grouting was added and the project was complete. From now on it will remain on the wall of the school, welcoming both visitors and the students who created it!

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