Karama's garden

In 2009, Karama organization moved to a new building inside Deheishe camp, with garden! In December 2009 we began the project of digging up and replanting it, making us the proud owner of one of Deheishe's largest gardens! We cut back many of the trees and bushes too, which helped to maximize the amount of sun that makes it to our radish, onion, salad, spinach, and cauliflower plants.

The local children spent a lot of time preparing the soil and cleaning out the overgrowth (the rose bushes, in particular, had been left to grow to epic proportions by previous owners), but they didn't seem to mind. There is a strong nostalgia amongst many Palestinians of all ages for their lost pastoral heritage, and this is very evident in their collective willingness to put away the football and video games for some old- fashioned farming.

However, our garden how it is today came after a lengthy process of introducing new soil with a fresh supply of nutrients and nitrogen. Following this soil moving process, which we started in 2010, we leveled out the area, located on a hill, and began planting our seedlings. We planted two types of green beans, cabbage, butternut squash, hot peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, and cucumber. These are in addition to our rapidly growing Mandarin Orange tree and our rose trees.



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