Karama regularly organizes trips, whenever the circumstances permit, to the greater surroundings of the camp in order to familiarize them with the country they live in as well as to meet their need for movement. Trips in the past included excursions to the swimming pools in Jericho, Artass, Solomon's Pools and other places around the country.

For example, in April 2003 Karama organized a day trip to Solomon's Pools, situated in the neighbouring village of Al-Khader. In the morning about 60 children left Deheishe by bus, heading towards the historic site containing many old monuments. After a wonderful day of hiking, playing, singing and having fun, the group returned to Deheishe.

In July 2003 Karama took 49 children to the village of Artass, which is close to Deheishe. According to Karama's principles, the children had chosen the destination themselves. They had decided to visit an exposition held at Artass and to take advantage of this opportunity to explore the surroundings of the village.

A more recent example dates from July 2011, when our international and local volunteers took the Karama children to Hebron. They discovered the city together and they went to the swimming pool, to enjoy some water fun.

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