Environmental project

Through the initiative of the volunteers, Zeinab, Frida, Tamer and Fayez, local youths started in 2006 an environmental cleaning project in the area of Suleiman pools, near Deheisha. This is a place where families and friends go for a peaceful and relaxing time. Due to the strained economy and daily political situation, refuse collection is not functioning in many areas. This fact, combined with a severe shortage of garbage bins and a developed habit of not cleaning up after oneself in places that are for public use, has led to a deteriorating environmental conditions.

During the meeting prior to cleaning, we held discussions about the reasons for, and effect of leaving non-biodegradable materials in the environment. Many different aspects were discussed regarding reasons for the lax attiude regarding effects on the outdoor environment. The children and teans reached the shared conclusion that change starts with oneself.

Signs were made from waste material and put up around the Suleiman Pools. The youth decided on a number of phrases and wrote them in Arabic and English. This project will ran during the Summer Academy, but continued for many weeks longer (until the youths felt that they have made a sustainable change).

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