Diary project

In 2004 we organized a diary project with one of our teenagers. Through this project, we wanted to give an impression of the daily life of a Palestinian refugee. The story is told by Tamer, a 17-year old Karama member.

Below you can read the introduction Tamer wrote to his diary:

Dear friends, sisters and brothers:

First of all I would like to share my visit to the UK with you, because I enjoyed it so much. I will write about it as sections,

The sections will be as the following subjects:

•  My trip from Bethlehem to Jericho.
•  My stay in Jordan, which was just 5 days.
•  My entering through The Heathrow airport and the first week meeting the first strange British things.

Second, I really don't know what are the words at least which I could say for all the people who supported me in my going and trip. And I think the words are not enough, because these people didn't support me as a person, but they support me as a step of justice and as a try to keep the hope, even if it is very poor and small, but they helped me, my nation, the peace and the just a lot, and I am very grateful because of that, I hope the number of these good people could be bigger and bigger until the justice spread through all this huge world!

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