Desks Project 2007

In February 2007 girls’ primary school in Deheishe camp, due to Karama’s initiative, opened 6 new classrooms for its pupils. By that time over 200 girls of classes 1-4 were attending school in two shifts. The two-shift schedule was established about 5 years ago. The girls began their lessons in the afternoon, but the lack of appropriate facilities was harming their studies.

Even though the United Nations allowed using additional rooms for running the classes, the school was not able to fulfil imposed conditions itself, without any financial help from the outside. Thus the scarce space was not the most significant problem which the school faced.

The most important was to convert the available activity rooms into regular classrooms by local authorities themselves. Karama, with incalculable help of Mr Kaled Abu Ajamieh, who exposed the problem prior to our donator, Taney Parish cinter (Ireland), managed the conversion within a few weeks. It included not only renovating the place, but also designing and building new type of desks, which is expected to be used for many years.

New classrooms were provided with basic facilities, necessary for daily work of the teachers. Karama improved studying conditions for the children in Deheishe, and gave employment opportunity to the locals as well, by engaging Palestinian carpenters to our project. We are happy that results of our initiative embraced such a large number of persons, what made the outcome of our work broader than expected.

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