Advancement Project 2010

In June 2010, Karama completed the Advancement of At-Risk Students through Remedial Courses project, generously funded by the Norwegian People's Aid.

In this five-month project, Karama organized weekly remedial classes in Arabic, English and Maths with specialist teachers. Over 400 children from eight schools were selected to participate. Before the project all of these children were doing very poorly in school. Many were on the brink of failing their exams.

After the project, the scores of all children improved dramatically. The regular teachers testified that all were participating much more in class and felt more confident about their abilities.

The project not only helped the children academically but also in their psychosocial environment. Social workers identified underlying health or social problems which caused the poor academic performance. For example, Karama organized for one girl to be transported for surgery to Jordan to relieve a long-term medical condition with obstructed her school work.

Parents also took part in the project. They were given workshops on alternative parenting techniques, and how to reconnect to the children's education. We found that the children's bad performance in school caused many problems with the parents. By helping the children catch up with their friends in school, Karama helped in making the life of over 400 families much less stressful and happier.

Read our narrative report on the results of the project here: The Advancement of At-Risk Students Through Remedial Courses Report

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