Karama's library

The Karama's general library opened in 2006, as a result of the success of Karama's Educational Project which was generously funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation. With our library, we aim to create a central cultural opinion and to help our students and pupils in many ways:

All of that used to be done by Karama's volunteer Fayez al-Khomour and Karama's (part time teacher) Rabab Marwan. Fayez and Rabab worked in the library in different shifts, and they also did the activities which relate to the library and especially the cultural competitions between the children.

Nowadays, we unfortunately don't have any staff to keep the library open during the day. Nevertheless, we continue to use it as a classroom and as an important source of information and pleasure for the children. We strongly encourage them to make use of our books as much as possible, for example by organizing reading competitions among the children.

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